Three eggs cooked to order with your choice of toast.  Honey wheat berry or sour dough. Country potatoes.

Bacon, four pieces of our special Black label, extra thick slices bacon 11.25

Sausage, four traditional pork sausage links 11.25

Italian sausage, mild links 11.25

Ham, five ounce country cured ham steak  11.25

Beef patty,seven ounce of extra lean ground beef  12.25

Trout’n eggs, fresh, de boned Brook Trout  11.95

Calamari steak’n eggs, served with Tartar sauce  15.25

New York steak, prime 8 oz cut  14.95

Lox, green onions and scrambled eggs 14.50

Minced ham’n scrambled eggs  11.25

Just eggs, cooked to your linking  10.25


Pancakes – Waffles – French Toast

Served with syrup, whipped butter, powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Katy's Kreek - Waffle

Strawberry Belgian Waffle

Short Stack of Pancakes, down home goodness for traditional appetites  10.25

Strawberry Pancakes, you’ll love our pancakes, with fresh strawberries  11.25

Mixed Berry Pancakes, filled and topped with fresh berries  12.25

Blueberry Wheatgerm Pancakes  11.25

Banana Pancakes, filled and topped with bananas  11.25

Katy’s Cakes, enjoy a kid sized helping of pancakes 2.75 ea

French Toast. Vienna French bread dipped in creamy egg batter  11.25

Strawberry French Toast  12.95

Mixed Berry French Toast  13.75

Belgian Waffle  9.25

Strawberry Belgian Waffle  11.25

Mixed Berry Belgian Waffle 12.25



Served with milk or cream and brown sugar or honey

Hot Four Grain Cereal with date, bananas, and almonds  8.95

Old fashioned Oatmeal served with toast  7.95

Granola with strawberries and bananas  7.99


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